Back again

Last night I started up a new game of Dragon Age: Origins. It’s been a long while since I’ve played and I kinda missed Alistair and his shenanigans. My headcanon for the Dragon Age franchise involves a human noble rogue Grey Warden who ends up married to Alistair and queen of Ferelden. My original Warden (the one whose save game I imported into Dragon Age 2) was a character I’d tried to make look like myself that had failed spectacularly. But after creating a Warden for every origin story and playing 3 of them at least halfway into the game, I was a bit tired and decided to hurry up and finish the game with her anyway. There were a couple of side quests I missed as well. So, since I’ve been wanting to run through Dragon Age 2 again (now that most of the bugs have been patched *fingers crossed*), I thought, What the hey!? Might as well fix my canon Origins Warden while I’m at it.

After spending most of the evening messing around in the character creator (seriously, LOVE the character creator), I finally have a character who looks like she would capture the heart of the bastard son of the dead king and inspire unwavering loyalty in everyone she meets. Too bad I forgot to save the custom name I’d typed in. Oh well, my headcanon Hawke sticks with the default Marian, so I guess my headcanon Warden can live on as Elissa Cousland.

I’m excited to revisit the game. We’ll see if I can maintain this excitement after some of the more tedious side quests. Damn my completionist nature. At least most of the side quests take about as long as the loading screens in Skyrim.