Evening Calm (Yuunagi)

This is a bit of a multi-purpose post.

I just read something about a character from Mass Effect that has me a little irritable. There have been posts in my twitter feed from the people I follow that also have me a little sore. Mostly because there is a lot of misunderstanding going on in this world and the crazy person that I am is driven to correct it. So, there will be a future post where I go into some really nerd-obsessed Mass Effect rant against the haters. I have some thoughts. I am gathering them together because I really want to hit all of my points and not miss anything, but I also want it to be coherent. My brain rants a million times faster than my mouth (or fingers, in this case) can work and I often have thought a thought and moved past it well before I am capable of forming said thought into words for the general public.

Also, my husband is encouraging me to blog more of my thoughts re: the games I’ve been playing. As psuedo-reviews, I guess, and as developer and publisher feedback from an intelligent and rather strong-willed woman’s perspective. And, perhaps, from the perspective of a gamer who is gainfully employed as well as being a mother to a toddler. We have a unique experience doing the things that we love with limited resources (namely, time). So… Look for that in the future. The first one I’m tackling is Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Expect these things to be sporadic due to the aforementioned limited resources.

Getting to the heart of this post…

I absolutely adore Sukima Switch. They never fail to put me in a good mood. Maybe it’s my middle-aged woman coming out. But they are genuinely talented. There will be more Sukima translations in the future, but listening to this one today put a bug up my ass, if you will.

陰り出し夕凪 顔を出す夕映え
In the increasing darkness of the evening calm,
the sunset glow makes an appearance
滞る間もなく押し寄せ 波風
Discord momentarily delayed before pushing on
陽は落ち また休息
The sun descends for another rest

時ならぬ夕立 急かされる人達
An unexpected evening rain, urging people on
あちこちで集めた花弁諦め 家に帰り夕食
Randomly collected flower petals abandoned,
returning home for the evening meal

冷えた風は水になびいて ほら、唄になる
A chilled wind lapping at water; listen, like the song of a shamisen
すれた砂は風になびいて 言霊になる
Worn sand blown in the wind, imbued with the soul of language

陰り出し夕凪 顔を出す夕顔
In the increasing darkness of the evening calm,
moon flowers show their faces
あちこちで集めた花弁諦め 後はしばし休息
Randomly collected flower petals abandoned,
time soon for a brief rest